How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday This Season

At Cook Mazda, we are all looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. It is a time for gift giving, sharing stories and meeting up with friends and relatives. One thing that you should not be looking forward to is the stress of holiday travel, especially if you are driving.

You can cut back on your holiday stress driving this year by giving yourself ample time to travel. Depart earlier than you normally would to avoid the rush hour traffic. Consider arriving at your destination a day or two earlier to avoid crowds and the stress and chaos that they bring. If you plan on being on the road during the peak travel period, then give yourself plenty of time to arrive where you need be. Obey all the traffic regulations and try and plan your route ahead of time. You may also want to consider an alternative route that may have less traffic.

From all of us here in Aberdeen, MD, we wish you a happy holiday and safe driving this holiday season. We can also check your vehicle for any major defects or issues if you plan on driving across the country.

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