Early Warning Signs Can Prevent Engine Overheating

When your engine overheats, it is generally something that could have been prevented if aware of the warning signs.

A critical component of the engine is the coolant system which depends heavily on coolant fluid to consistently flow and cool the engine. Because an engine can reach temperatures of 2,000 degrees, a decrease in the fluid level can be highly detrimental to an engine; resulting in overheating.

Additionally, the radiator hoses play a significant role in the flow of the fluid. Over time, radiator hoses become worn and deteriorate. A warning sign that a radiator hose has deteriorated is a noticeable “bulge” near the clamp; however, a hose can also develop a hole which will leak fluid and cause an engine overheating.

You can also prevent an engine overheating by not ignoring a coolant dashboard warning light. Contact our service center here at Cook Mazda in Aberdeen, MD for an appointment if you identify any of the engine overheating warning signs.

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