Importance of Tire Tread

There are few things that are more important than making sure that the vehicle you drive is safe. And one of the most important aspects of vehicle safety is making sure your tires are in good condition. This means making sure your tire tread is in good shape. If you are not sure how important your tire tread is, then I would like to go over a couple reasons why it is.

Adequate grip - This is probably the most important reason why the death of your tire tread is important. If your tire tread depth is too low, then you will not have as much traction on the road. This could cause your vehicle to slide on the road, which could be a disastrous situation.

Longer distance to reach a complete stop - If your tire treads is too low, then it will take longer for your vehicle to reach a complete stop. This means having to start braking sooner, or risk rear ending the vehicle in front of you.

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