Car Battery Testing Basics Using a Voltmeter

If the battery in your car is showing signs of failing, you can test the strength today with a simple voltmeter.

Before opening the hood and making your way to the battery, be sure the car engine is off and you are wearing safely eye-wear and some heavy-duty gloves.

The voltmeter is a simple device that only has two color cables, one black and the other red.

First, attach the red wire to the plus side terminal on the car battery. Next, attach the black wire to the battery terminal labeled minus.

Turn on the voltmeter, and observe the reading. If the number is above 12.4, then it can still hold a charge and has plenty of power. When the meter comes back with a 12.2 or less, then you will have to consider getting a replacement.

If still concerned, come to Cook Mazda and our service team can diagnose if any issues exist throughout the charging system.

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