Where Did Horsepower Come From?

Horsepower is a well-known term in automotive circles. All though people may not know exactly what it means, they are familiar with what it references. A vehicle with more horsepower is understood to have more power than one with less. However, a more powerful vehicle will be expensive by comparison to one with less strength.

The actual origin of the word horsepower is very unique. It was invented by a steam engine designer named James Watt. James was trying to sell his product to potential customers needed a way for them to understand the machine's capabilities. He had spent time in a coal mine and observed the horses pulling coal. He estimated that one horse could do approximately 22000 pounds of work in a single minute. He rounded the number up to 33,000 and applied it to his engines. James Watt's theory states that a car with 1 horsepower can pull 33 lbs of weight in 1 minute.

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