Why It's Important to Keep Your Gas Tank Full in the Wintertime

One habit to form that will pay huge dividends in the wintertime is to keep the gas tank in your car filled as much as possible. As the days get colder, it seems that time gets away from us and we don't always think that the cold will affect our vehicles.

When our gas tank is low on fuel that means that there is more air in the tank. There are false rumors that we get better gas mileage when our gas tank is kept low, but that is the farthest thing from the truth. A fuller tank will be better in the long run for your vehicle as well as enhance the health of your car in the winter.

The fuel line that leads from your gas tank to the engine can build up with condensation when your tank is less than half full. More air brings more moisture, so by keeping your tank more than half-full can help prevent freezing and thus the difficulty in starting and operation of your vehicle.

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