The Right Way to Safely Change a Flat Tire

To make sure you can change a flat tire easily, make sure you have a spare with air, a tire iron, and a working jack, in the trunk at all times. Get the car to a flat area off the road. It is fine to ride the rim a few feet to get the car away from oncoming traffic.

Loosen the lugs slightly, then safely position the car jack under a steel support or part of the frame. Once the flat tire is not in contact with the road, loosen all the nuts and place them safely to the side. Take the tire off. Position the spare tire on the studs evenly and straight, then hand tighten the lugs.

Tighten all the lugs so the tire is secure, then slowly lower your car and tighten the lugs nuts. Bring the vehicle to Cook Mazda if you would like the tire treads to be evaluated.



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