Have a Safe Trip with Pets

Few things can make pets happier than being able to travel with their owners. It’s important to us that both you and your pets are safe, whether you’re driving around the block or are taking a long trip. Visit us at Cook Mazda and allow us to offer safety tips that can make the trip as exciting as possible.

For the utmost in safety:

  • Keep pet contained.
  • Allow the pet to do its duty prior to leaving.
  • Don’t allow pet on your lap or to have its head out the window.
  • Keep your pet in the back seat to avoid problems with the airbag.
  • Don’t feed the pet to avoid the pet being carsick.

If you plan on doing some serious traveling with your pet, it’s important you have a vehicle in which the pet can be comfortable. Come to our Mazda dealership and test drive one of our many pet-friendly vehicles.



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